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Viandes Bonaventure

Fiery Cajun Smoked Peanuts

Fiery Cajun Smoked Peanuts

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When the Bonaventure team said we needed a Cajun seasoning, our minds immediately jumped to two things: Peanuts and how we would keep the gators away! That second part is why we decided to make Fiery Cajun Smoked Peanuts! Our Fiery Cajun Peanuts are masterfully hand-prepared right here in St-Lazare, Quebec! From our signature smoking techniques, our hand-crafted seasoning mixes and of course, our quality assurance/packaging all being done by our dedicated team!

Our Cajun seasoned Peanuts have everything a classic blackening spice should have but with just enough spice to light the bayou on fire! Our secret spice allows for just enough flavor to come through before turning up the heat to MAX to the point where even the most resilient of hot heads have so far been defeated by this gator repellent!

Our Cajun seasoning is only available as part of our line of Peanuts and Cashews and of course, please have someone record you trying them the first time and send it to us via Facebook or Instagram, you might even get a surprise from the team!

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