RomaBurgers, Grilling and Thirsty Thursday

RomaBurgers, Grilling and Thirsty Thursday

This Week for Thirsty Thursday, we are pairing our delicious RomaBurgers with a bit of a selection of indulgent beverages if you will.

As it turns out, Beer is always an amazing go to when it comes to numbing the senses a little and not to mention also pairs fantastically with pretty much any and all grilled meats. The pairing here is simple. Since your beautiful RomaBurgers are only going to take maybe 15 minutes on the grill you need a beverage that won’t take forever to prepare before enjoying because nothing says summer like a perfectly chilled beer and the sound of your grill working its magic touch.

Our recommendation when it comes to pairing Beer with RomaBurgers is something light such as a pale ale or a light lager but feel free to pair your favorite beer.

Next up we have wine, some might be sweet, some might be a little bitter but either way they always seem to bring a smile to people's faces. Now you might be thinking, “aren’t we just making burgers in the end, why pull out the fancy wine bottle?”. Well don’t go throwing the cork back on just yet because we’re talking about pork and as we all know beef and wine just have a way of working together perfectly.

For your next Beef Salami and Wine tasting adventure we highly recommend you try out a classic dinner wine such as a Pinot Noir or a Merlot, something to really blend in with that grill flavour.
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